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Dec 11, 2011
Only been to this shop once and the marine side of it was ok but had more fresh water stuff. As soon as you walk in on the right there is a big long counter and behind it all manner of food, additives and all the equipment/tank hardware you could need I recon. On the left is all the tanks mostly ELOS and CADE pretty stuff not many budget setups here given the stores location anybody living nearby can afford the bells and whistles :)

Aqueus is the other stockist of ILLUMAGIC LED lighting in Melbourne. They only have a single S (old s) model on display. They guy I spoke to seemed to know his stuff also. The marine side of things when I was there was fairly light on there wasnt much in the tanks to rave about might have been waiting for a shipment?? Up the back of the shop there was a half IBC setup next to the freshwater tanks and it had some extremely nice stuff inside. All manner of corals and all top quality looking stuff.

There was lots of freshwater fish there with a good range or African and South American cichlids as well as the normal tetras and goldfish etc.

Its a nice store and if im back in the area i'll drop in again for a look everytime. Dont trip on the dog/horse or let small children near it I think it would have to eat a couple a day he's freaking huge :eek;):cool: