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Jun 2, 2012
Small marine display, in a very small shop. Half dedicated to hard goods, the other half is for livestock. Nice rimless cube reef in the centre of the live stock room. The FW to SW balance is probably about right.

The generic advice is ok, but do your research afterwards. Some things don't add up with the general consensus.

Will do custom tanks, and finished product is quite good. But be prepared to wait. I was quoted three weeks, it took 9-10!

Also be prepared to follow-up, if you don't call him, he won't call you. You may need to make regular visits to get updates.

Be sure to phone ahead if you're looking for something in particular, and be sure he has received it before venturing in. Deliveries are unreliable to this store.

Impressive website, but probably under-delivers on first impressions.

Ian G

Sep 11, 2012
I visited here and total marine livestock was:
Shrimp 1
Fish 9
Coral 0

They must struggle with marine as Reeflections is nearby & specialises in marine.
I had our tank made by ACO a couple of years ago. Being in Adelaide, everything was done over the phone/email. The guys kept me updated with pictures on how the build was going.

We then drove over, picked up the tank (had a great chat with the guys) and drove home. A long day, but worth it.

Build time was not long back then.

As for the store, more freshwater, but hey, so is every LFS.