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What kind of coral is this?

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Apr 10, 2015
Hi Dylan,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you stick around and we can all keep learning together about this fascinating hobby.

Sorry, can't help with your question as I am relatively new and hopeless when it comes to IDing coral.

You could have a browse of this site. They have a lot of good photos to browse through and helpful descriptions about the corals and caring for them -

Sep 24, 2013
Palm Beach
Does anyone know what kind of coral this is and is it safe for my aquarium?
it looks like a Palythoa, they are very common in tidal pools and mostly ignored by aquarists, due to its ugly appearance. This particular variant is even less desirable, as it releases a lot of mucus.
In some places it is called "cow slobber" because of that.

It is also worth mentioning they carry one the strongest poison known to men (palitoxin) and their collection is illegal in the largest part of our coast.


Sep 17, 2017
Wellington, NZ
Does anyone know what kind of coral this is and is it safe for my aquarium?
why does the large specimen say "real, fake"? They could be palys or zoas, but they kind of also look like acans. it may just be my eyes (which are meant to be wearing glasses atm), it's hard to tell with the distance/colour/etc... did you ever figure it out conclusively? or have better pics?

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