May 7, 2013
Any Electricians Out There??
As some may know I've moved away from the tank :( (it's only 15mins down the road but it feels like an eternity not having it with me lol) and I'm currently in the process of looking at moving the tank in with me and also upgrading at the same time which is good :)

Buuuttt the place I'm in is a rental and currently doesn't have a set of power points where I need them to be for the tank lol now being in a rental and asking for something that's not particularly necessary from a land lord who really isn't overly phased it could take a while for the shit to get sorted. I was hoping that there was someone from the reefing scene that might be able to lend a hand with quotes, info, all that kind of jazz so I can take it and get it done a little quicker as the house the tank is in is about to go on the market and well that will mean the clock is ticking to get it done! lol

I know I could chat to any electrician about this but I figure if there's someone with the same passions then this makes things a whole lot easier! I'm in Montmorency, Vic and the apartment/unit/whatever it would be called is pretty old, no double power points except for one in the bathroom lol and the fuse box is still good old wire fuses too!

If anyone could help out with some info or anything I would be mighty appreciative because as you can imagine I miss the tank and well who wouldn't be excited about an upgrade lol