Tank Journal Archive

Jacques Pels

Feb 4, 2017
Gold Coast, QLD
I went through that huge algae bloom in April, that was dark green and cover the sand bed and rocks. We tested and discovered my PO4 was way up at 0,30 ppm. Set up the refugium with Chaeto, installed 2 reactors with Rowa Phos, and within 3 weeks had it all the way down to 0,01 or 0,00
The algae all but dissapeared, and the bit there still was, the Tangs and Lawnmower Blenny took care of.
What I have now noticed for the last week or 10 days, is a brownish algae taking hold on the rocks. Even when you try to physically remove it with your fingers, it is so fine and it is hard to pull off. It has been increasing, even if I test an my PO4 is still 0, Nitrates O.
I have been dosing Randy's and my Calcium is now 410, Alk at 8,6, and pH at 8.30
I did change the setting on the 6 Hydra 52 lights, to make them much bluer for most of the day, and the white increasing after 4 pm for 3 hours.
I have also increased the feeding the last 2 weeks, since I have low Phos, and want to get the fish healthy to fight off the white spot. I add a few drops of concentrated Garlic juice to each feed.
Can this have caused the brown/hair algae to take off, or is this another "phase" that will naturally die back ?

Appreciate your thoughts

Tks Jac