The Reefuge

Jul 9, 2011
A Few New Features
Hello everyone,

There have been a few changes made in regards to how this site works and the usability of it. I would like to quickly run down a few things that will be happening from now on and we can build off it.

Account Upgrades - These have a few new features added to them. Please keep in mind from this point on, anything that requires a feature unlock can be easily purchased via an account upgrade.

Awards and Features - These are now listed. The "Unlock Features & Access Areas" displays a list of features available for free and what you must do to unlock them. The "User Participation" category is based on how active you are within this community.

State Groups - These now require users to have made 30 posts in order to be able to read the posts within them.

Popular Content - There is now a feature which lists popular content on The Reefuge. You can toggle between weekly, monthly and yearly views. You can also display threads based on the most likes.

There will be more awards added as well as features waiting to be unlocked. If you have suggestions for awards and features, please post them below.