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Jul 9, 2011
2016 First Update
Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year break! I have not been around at all lately due to another website taking over what little free time I have left these days. So, here is an update for you all and some good news :)

Firstly I would like to thank the staff here for doing such a great job of running the place over the last 12 months. You guys are doing a great job and this community would more than likely be completely gone if it were not for you. So a big thank you to all of you!

Now, on to business...

Even though I have not been active here, I have been keeping an eye on things and have been thinking about the future of this site. So, here is what will be happening from this point out.

VIP and VIP+ User Subscriptions ( ETA - 2 months )
These things help me fund the website. However, very few users purchase these subscriptions and the impact of them is financially minimal to The Reefuge website (running costs far exceed the total of the subscriptions). However, the features they provide add a great deal to the user experience here. I have decided that The Reefuge will no longer have feature-based subscriptions and all features that were provided with the VIP and VIP+ subscriptions will be free for all registered members of The Reefuge.

For those still interested in helping with the costs of The Reefuge, there will be a single $US 5 per month subscription that will add a "Supporter" banner under your username.

LFS Reviews Directory ( ETA - 12 months )
A proper LFS reviews directory is going to take over the current "maps". We have all of the database backed up, so transferring over will not be an issue. The directory will work inside of The Reefuge, but its capabilities will be like a review website. This means star ratings, maps, reviews, etc. Even shop owners will be able to talk with customers if they choose to do so. Think of something like for The Reefuge.

General Clean ( ETA - Ongoing )

There is a lot of clutter around. This will be an ongoing job that will get the system running at peak performance again. Anything that does not get used (groups, events, etc) will be getting wiped off.

E-mail Server ( ETA - 1 week )
Sorry about this! This is getting fixed asap.

Any questions and feedback can be posted directly in this thread. If you have a suggestion or question about something not mentioned above, please feel free to post it.



Apr 2, 2013
Missed your presents Like the changes. The Reefuge still rocks. Thank you for all your hard work & effort very much appreciated.


Team Leader
Nov 24, 2011
Brisbane Northside
Still and always the best forum around. ;)
Just on a side note - if I pay my $5 and start doing some running can I be an"Athletic Supporter"? o_0

Andrew B

Mar 14, 2015
Kangaroo Ground
Hi, love all your work on the site I have 1 thing you could add (hoping it isn't too hard to do) is to have location and state in the ad when viewing from the home page hope this isn't confusing :)