Tank Journal Archive


Sep 6, 2014
So got the tank home yesterday and started cleaning it all,
Checked out the crap tone of stuff I was given with sale.
The skimmer is already being replaced as the old redsea Berlin is getting old and from reviews isnt that good so after a chat with Bunarong I decided on a Nyos 160 as they are silent and powerfull (250-1000L rated),

Setting up a refugium using mirical mud and chaeto with a clip on led light.

The heater and sump I am going to use, but the old t5 lights from tank and sump I will use as spare stuff, the old wavemakers I will keep for when I set up a auto change system.

I got given a small wheelie bin full of dried rock so need to work out a rock scape with that and my cycled rock.

Unsure if I will need to reuse some of my sand as i am only able to get 20kg of new stuff.
I got given an arm for my ai hydra 52hd so I'll mount that on tank and see how we go as I'm only keeping lps, soft coral I'm sure it will do the job, might use the led bar they gave me for extra spread if needed.

The cabinet has a few Nick's in it so I'll touch them up when all installed.

Any tips, advice or even a hand setting up is welcome


Sam Parker

May 6, 2013
Looks good! If not too late, consider a great white skimmer. Cheaper and as good if not better than nyos from what I’m hearing. Nothing wrong with nyos though!!


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